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The exact date on which the company started, Annie Bakker did not remember. It all started in the 1950s in Utrecht. Her husband Gerrit Bakker encouraged her to go to work in the business, because he foresaw that Annie had more to offer than just raising their children. Together they came up with the idea to rent out washing machines and centrifuges, and this idea proved to be successful. Within a month there were ten washing machines in the marital home in the Knopstraat in Utrecht, which were eagerly deducted. Soon it was not only when renting these devices. Seats were also rented out in no time. Eventually a part of the house was transformed into a warehouse for dinner and chairs rental. Then the company bought up small household effects, such as lots of plates and other dishes. Annie Bakker took care of the five children and worked until the wee hours in the warehouse, where she updated damaged signs so that they looked like new again. Gerrit Bakker transported the articles with a motorcycle tricycle through the entire city of Utrecht. Annie told me about this time: "It was working day and night." But we had a lot of fun in. She always said: "a day not laughter is a day not lived." Having fun in the work has always been paramount. The company is located at the Amsterdamsestraatweg 710 in Utrecht.The rental company has grown over the years to become one of the largest rental companies in the Netherlands.The company can be found at a central point.In the showroom you can choose from our spacious and modern range. Literally everything for parties and events can be seen and rented. The clientele is very varied. Not only is private individuals using the services of the rental company, but also at large events and weddings the excellent service of Verhuurbedrijf Bakker is demanded. Our company supplies for 1 person, but also for 5000 people. And that clients are satisfied is shown by the acknowledgments we receive regularly. From a one-man business, Verhuurbedrijf Bakker has grown into a company that now employs more than 30 people. A large part of the staff is part of the Bakker family. The current management is proud that the efforts of the founders, Gerrit and Annie Bakker, ultimately led to such a successful enterprise,
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